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Building Bridges Research Group publish new report

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Building Bridges Research Group have now published their third report entitled 'Living our Lives'.

It is a both a summary of the recent activities of the research group and also the issues the group have experienced and their reflections on the barriers and challenges they face.

In the research group we discuss the issues that are important to us. We always start with a round of personal news, then about what we think is important in the local, national and international news.

We bring in the Metro newspaper to show each other the big stories that we are concerned about. Then we talk about the other important things – the soap storylines and the football.

After this we talk about the issues in our lives, and our current research projects. We also use the time to plan for our next talks, training and conferences. We also do fun things like choose the teams we think will win in the FA cup.

If you would like a pdf copy please sign up to our mailing list and you can request a copy of the report.


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