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News Update : Election research project 2015

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Some people with a learning disability from three groups in the West Midlands and academics from University of Wolverhampton did a research project in 2015 about the experience and views of people with a learning disability on getting involved in the elections.

The three groups were Dudley Voices for Choice, Friends 2 Friends from Lichfield and Building Bridges Training.

Why was this research done?

  • To include people with learning disabilities in politics more

  • Because fewer people with learning disabilities are registered to vote

  • Because there has been prejudice towards voters with disabilities

  • Because prejudice is an unfair dislike of something or of a group of people.

  • To raise awareness to improve political rights and support Article 29 of the UNCRPD, ‘Participation in political and public life’

Get the easy read version of the report. Download it here >


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