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Building Bridges launches self-assessment tablet quizzes

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Building Bridges - Tablet Quizzes

Building Bridges Training self-assessment tablet quizzes about ‘healthy lifestyles and wellbeing’ and ‘financial capability’ for people with a learning disability.

Building Bridges Training has co-developed a couple of tablet quizzes to enable people with a learning disability to do a self-assessment about healthy lifestyle choices and a financial health check.

They are a starting point for support workers to discuss areas for change and identify areas of support. They can also be used to help measure improvements in healthy lifestyles and financial management when used before and after involvement in healthy lifestyle training or support.

On completion of the online quiz personal ‘results’ are generated. Support staff can talk through the person’s quiz ‘results’ and where there is room for improvement, discuss with them what options and actions they can take.

It is important to help them to come up with SMART objectives. For example if they suggest they need to eat more healthily, make it more specific e.g. ‘I will have salad instead of chips when I have a meal out’ or ‘I will buy skimmed milk now’.

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