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Building Bridges Research Group research projects in progress

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The inclusive research group has been active since 2010. It is a group of people with a learning disability who do research about the issues affecting their lives and their friends.

The group are currently working on two research projects; one on loneliness and one on PIP assessments and outcomes. An easy report of both will be available later in 2018.

Inclusive research is where people with a learning disability are supported to take a lead role and are an intrinsic part of all stages of the research, including the design, process and dissemination, rather than just contributing to the data collection (Walmsley and Johnson 2003).

Their research enables others to have a better understanding of these challenges so they can make changes that make a real difference to their lives. Remove this if need to cut down on words.

We have just updated our web page and added a link to the list of publications we have completed to date. Click here for our 'Research Group' page and the full list of publications >


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