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Getting involved in the community – what stops us; findings from our inclusive research project

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Building Bridges Research Group had an article on their latest research project ‘Getting involved in the community – what stops us’ published on 8th July in the British Journal of Learning Disability.

They also presented their findings at the Social History of Learning Disability conference ‘Belonging – Not Belonging’ that was held at the Open University at Milton Keyes also in July.


Making sure everyone feels welcome in their community is very important. It can help people to make friends and not feel lonely. People with a learning disability have a right to be an active member of their communities, but they often feel left out. So it is important to know what are the things that stop people being involved in local places and feeling a part of the community.

Building Bridges Research Group did an inclusive research project about this issue in the summer of 2018. They found most people had some experience of taking part in local events and found the people there to be welcoming and friendly.

The main issues that stopped more community involvement was because of fear of harm in public spaces, anxiety, challenges of travelling alone, family barriers, and lack of information about what is available locally. Having money to pay to join activities was also a problem for some people.

You can read the full article online and please do email us with any comments c/o liz@building-bridges-training.org.

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