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Building Bridges Research Group starts a new project called ‘Include Us Too’

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Research Group

Building Bridges Research Group have now started a new project called ‘Include Us Too!’

The project will be further exploring the barriers to social inclusion with other local people, and looking for ways to overcome these barriers.

After the group have completed their research they will be writing up another report, and Building Bridges Training will be offering community safety training to its members and the other people who have been involved with the research project.

This is so people include how to stay safe when travelling and how to minimise risks when out on your own.

Contact Building Bridges Training for further information:

E: mail@building-bridges-training.org

T: 0121 559 9197

Please see our 'Research Group' page to see the list of publications we have completed to date. Click here >


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