We provide training on a variety of topics that are important to people with learning disabilities. Watch our Video >


People with a learning disability have a right to information they can understand. ‘Easy read’ is a format that people with a learning disability prefer.


It contains only the essential information, clearly presented, and uses images to help explain the concepts in the text.

Building Bridges offers a range of easy read services including;

  • Putting your letters, documents and reports into an easy read format

  • Producing bespoke dictionaries to explain the meaning of complex words and terms.  Get in touch with us if you would like a free pdf of our money or church word dictionaries.

  • Providing co-delivered training on how to produce your own easy read information.  We can offer this as a half day event in the West Midlands only, or a full day.

  • Producing bespoke images and illustrations 


We can offer a quick, quality service.


Easy Read : Summary

Easy Read : Further Information

"Everyone has a right to accessible information"

Our easy read versions are co-produced with people with a learning disability from Building Bridges.


We can produce easy read versions of letters, posters and fliers, as well as longer documents, reports, agreements and instruction leaflets.


Please contact us if you would like more information, to see examples of our work or to get a competitive quote: 

call 0121 559 9197 or email mail@building-bridges-training.org

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